Sunday, January 10, 2016

some summing

The focus was definitely mixed media this past week.

I took a quick visit to the scrapbook store and I have some theme elements for this year's planner/journal.  The first bit seemed dark and forced so I lightened things up and brought in more of my own stuff.   It has taken a bit to get it organized and there are a few more project additions in the next couple of weeks but I'm thinking this is gonna be good! :)

The mixed media class is wonderful.  One reason it appealed was the once a month product tutorial and I learned lots about brushes.  Then the first teacher showed how to use brushes with more effect and her project is something I am definitely going to do.  I 'copied' the work of  the gal who issues the monthly challenges and I'll put them in the big binder.  I decided that I needed to expand my challenge journal which is where I'll be doing my own thing.  I'll be doing the word that best describes me- for next week.  I can't say enough good things about this year long class.  The quality is remarkable and I already feel that I have got my money's worth!

I decided to incorporate different kinds of papers in a homemade journal.  I got paper from the scrapbook store suitable for mixed media and searched for a good tutorial to improve my less than professional bookmaking skills.

The better tools certainly help and I feel this is not quite ideal but certainly an improvement. 
I made 5 signatures and I redid the spine as I thought it might not be big enough.  I may have gone a bit too big but I think I'll be adding lots of texture and layers to the pages so it'll definitely be getting fatter. 

The grand kiddies and I had a great time painting the cardboard casa!   Creamy crayola makers had lots of juiciness when a wet paint brush was applied to them.

The decor day began with an old look and now the challenge begins to redefine the new 'happy' look.

I did not get  any fabric related work done.  I found my old ufo busting list and it needs revising.  Perhaps I can focus on fabrics next week but I'm doing some humming as I continue to embrace this KISSable new year!

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Createology said...

I LOVE the Playhouse! Great art work you all did. Your journal and bookbinding are looking like you are ready to document your days dear. Wonderful KISS Week...