Sunday, January 24, 2016

sum details to finish the week

Joggles journal is up to date and I'm going for simple rather than complicated.

I need a heavy duty bookmark so I used some leftover board that has remember embossed all over it.  I shall paint it up later but the unplanner is starting to have a cohesiveness to it.  :)

Tuesday treasures involved a bit of ironing but I did make the deadline!

I didn't get the grand kiddies art supplies reorganized.  I am giving them too much choice so I am going to simplify that.   I will have to do that before I get involved in next week's mixed media projects.

Thursday was a busy day but we got everything done.   Their books are up to date.  :)

A quick trip to the city for an appointment and then we rushed back so they could join me for a Friday finish at Zoomba.  They quite liked it and were invited back.  lol

I did hunt for a larger glass plate to fix that second from the top shelf.  I shall be looking for a better option but it works for now.   Now a few chapters in my book and some sweet dreams for January's finish.

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