Thursday, January 28, 2016

art 101 revision

The grand kiddies and I were off for an artist date and some sketching.  But the car was making its own sketches on some pretty icy roads so I found a good spot to turn around when things didn't appear to be improving.  eek!

In an attempt to help the kids be creative, I needed to simplify.  KISS  I was giving them too many choices in an attempt to let them do their own thing.  I found limiting choices for myself helpful so I am going to do the same thing for them.  I sorted everything into a few general groups and then come art day I'll chose a few things for them to chose.  That'll also help me because I won't have to look in five spots for one thing.  :O

After I did the art stuff I lifted the cover on the fabric stash and got that back to a neater condition.  It also revealed UFO's (unidentifiable fibre objects), some groupings of whims (works hidden in my mind) and some genuine wips (works in progress).  I needed to make a list of the keepers for Vicki's UFO Busting.  Today was the day!  I would be farther ahead but updating the Projects 2016 page had some operator error occur and I lost the first try.  No automatic save on that draft!  :(  I have ten so far and should pick up speed as I have been trying to do oldest to newest.

I also had a fun time organizing some new fabric groupings for possible decor options.  :)  I'm feeling the sewing mojo motor purring!  But I won't be adding anything new until I get some ufo's crossed off so I hope I can keep all my wheels firmly connected to the blacktop!  well, here is hoping!  ;^)

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Createology said...

I think the Littles will adjust nicely to the new streamlined KISS method of Art 101. Very smart of you to not venture further in the icy conditions. Home Sweet Home and cozy warm is best and safest.