Friday, January 22, 2016

Aqua Time

Butter yellow and old aqua vie for my favourite colour.   As I work with them in my house decor I realize that there are nuances to colour and I am continually having to define my likes.  Well, what makes me happy!  Clear and bright make my smile move up a notch  but those chalky colours just make me settle down and sigh deeply.  I would not put the brown glaze over my yellow walls if I had to do it over again.  But anything verdigris  I gravitate to.

The sitting room
So in the spirit of KISS, I am gathering all a lot of the aqua glass and turquoise accessories in one place.   The large print with the nature scene that the Rooster received when he left work suggested  the idea.

 I'm sure as I find more 'stuff', and I will,  I cab indulge in another favourite pastime- tweaking!  ;^

The sitting room, which is the old dining room with the new sliding door,  is most connected to nature.  We luv sitting here to relax.  In my mind this has always needed to somewhat neutral.   I have a few ideas for lap quilts but this room makes me happy.

One more tweak and it still doesn't seem quite right.  :{  Hmm maybe a glass plate behind the birdie!  I have a few somewhere...

But time to tackle the next room on the  'make me happy' list!


Beth said...

Is that the same bookcase with different pieces displayed? I love aqua.

Createology said...

This is truly a lovely sitting area and those shelves with all the aqua pieces is my favorite. Simply stunning! Your planner is looking good and what a perfect bookmark. The Littles are adorable and how fun to include them in your Zumba class. Enjoy Dear...