Sunday, January 17, 2016

Well that was a week!

Lost the map to the treasure.   In fact I even forgot about the treasure till Thursday.  But here is a small rug hooking treasure from a class I took a number of years ago.  If I could fit it in, I'd definitely do rug hooking!  :)

Got lost in a trilogy after a hard day of art 101.  :{   But the grand kiddies are back in the groove of drawing and shapes.  Then my other class got a mini lesson on bookmaking with a small notebook.  The cover is fun foam and the paper plain but lots of opportunity to personalize the cover and pages.   My first class had way too many options.  This class went way too quick.  Third class I'm a hoping...

Hopefully after redoing the focus of the unplanner I can get it together for next week.  I have discovered the mystery of printing the planner pages - untick the default boxes!  :/  

Prepping the cards in batches and using Avery stickers are my new secret weapons!   The cards are ready for quick finishing and the Avery sticker sheets can be printed, painted, stenciled etc.  Loads of fun!

It is not working to get much fabric medium into play but I'm hoping to sort and catalogue UFO projects before the month is out and definitely get it front and centre for February.  Thank goodness there are five weeks in January!  lol

But chillaxing in the ambiance of the front room made the whole week worthwhile!   The Rooster has fresh gluten free muffins perfecting in the oven and I do believe coffee break is approaching!    Happy Sonday! 

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Createology said...

Sunday has come all too quickly and another week is approaching. Like you dear I have yet to plan my UFO projects. In my purging I have found quite a few I had completely forgotten about. Maybe I can pass them along to others? I am embracing each day...