Friday, January 15, 2016

Come in out of the cold!

The front door of our old farmhouse opens into the centre hallway.  It is the main entrance because the  back door (side) opened onto a small landing in the basement stairs.  It wasn't safe and after a sliding door replaced another window we boarded the doorway up.

But I am still rethinking the hallway so if I could just scoot you quickly off to the right and into the biggest room in the house we'll save that busy hallway for later.  I wonder if the canvas above the stove is the right size but having everything exactly right makes a room a bit sterile.  My inspiration book uses a colour wheel type approach to styles.  She suggests using the opposite of your preferred style as an accent.  It appears this room is more accent but I'm keeping my eyes open for a better rug and more modern touches.  Generally it is making me smile whenever I pass through!   

My new motto, KISS, is a bit challenged in this room as I need the larger table and all the extra chairs at least once a week and I just got tired of hauling leaves and chairs around.  lol  But I have resisted spreading  knickknacks and whatnots all around!   I'm learning to think bigger when it comes to accessorizing.

This room seems to be used mostly in the evenings. The stove sometimes makes dining a bit warm but we'll often find guests standing by it.   It is very cozy when the table is round and at its smallest with four small dark wood chairs placed around it.  A good place to enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation, even if it is just the Rooster and I.

We moved the dining table in and the sofa out many years ago as we eat more than we sit. ;^)  Our visitors tend to be kitchen table table people, as we are, and this has just worked out wonderfully.  These bigger birch chairs are sturdier and fit best when the leaves are in place.  Generally we have need of more chairs.  A round turntable that matches the lighter birch wood links the chairs to the table that I stained to hide the orangey oak.

Grouping all my small collections of English pink transferware and cranberry depression glass in the china cabinet was a good decision.  It just makes me so happy seeing it all in one place.  I got that small rectangular plate during my first visit to an antique shop in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  It was meant to be a souvenir of a lovely visit with a friend.  I am not a serious collector but add a new piece every once in a while. 

The openess of  the tea trolley keeps things from feeling too closed in and I just luv it.  Another spontaneous find close in town. :)  I wish I'd chosen a more modern fabric for these two auction find chairs but they work.  I can spruce up the cushions when time allows.  Meanwhile,

I hope you have been warmed by your visit!  Thanks for dropping by! :)


Createology said...

Thank you dear for the lovely tour and visit. Your home is cozy and comfortable and filled with love. The best part is that it makes you happy. Home Sweet Home...

Beth said...

Love the warm glow of the candles!! That says home!!

Margaret said...

Your place looks so cozy and inviting -- definitely a reflection of who you are at heart! :-)

Leanne said...

It looks lovely!

Frances Arnold said...

Definitely a home that gives warmth, both physical and emotional!!! Thanks for the tour