Thursday, January 7, 2016

Definitely a mix up!

Twice through the new art studio searching for my lost camera made things very mixed up and messy so I cleaned up for the third go round.  A smaller, compact space does make cleaning easier.  lol The third time was not a charm and I was not calm and I started to carry on in a wrong way so...
I forced myself to keep calm and get some coffee.  ahhh!   ta dah!

See the door knob.  It must have slid to the bottom of the stack and down to the back of that shelf drawer!  :(

The unplnnner with Art to the 5th has new steps for the various sections each week so it'll be a bit before I'm fully functional but I do like it.  Lots of ways to do your own thing.

Wanderlust from Everything Art will be a year of mixed media techniques and tutorials so I'm choosing a binder for notes and examples.   I really do like working on loose pages which can be of various materials and I can make notes on the back.

They will host two challenges.  The first is just fun prompts, 24 in all.  A smaller sketchbook with thick pages is recommended and I was going to just make a simple one from one of my sketch pads.  But one example shown had a variety of papers in it and I liked that!  So I will change that up a bit and my bookmaking skills improve with every one I make!

The second is a very cool challenge.  On some larger substrate we'll work with monthly bursts of simple direction.  But no reveals until the end of the year.  I think this will be fun!  I've come far enough along to cover everything ugly with gesso so... 

I have been following Barb over at Joggles for a couple of years and really enjoy her videos.  She has a blog now. I made a last minute decision.  He who hesitates is lost!!!  This will be quick and fun, once a week.  I messed up my J and this is the creative solution.  ;^) 

I'm pleased with the amount of effort, expertise and instruction in these classes.  I will share what I can on this year long mixed media adventure.   Now- to breathe deeply and sip my morning coffee before I head off for Art 101 with the grand kiddies.  They got a cardboard house for meeting their school goals and I'm bringing the paint!  :)  oye, it is gonna be messy!


Createology said...

Art and messy seem to go together quite well. Fabulous creative space you have. I think your camera was merely trying to photo you searching for it..kind of like "Candid Camera". LOL

Paige said...

Sounds like a great year you've got planned. Nice studio and glad you found your camera!