Saturday, January 7, 2017

The question of how!

Mark It Down

I am an unashamed optimist-  Hello, Pollyanna , we can do it,   ...and they all lived happily ever after!

I am going to fill my canvases, my altered books, my fibre art with stories.

I have learned I do best when the materials I chose from have been prepped to some degree.

I have gathered my  favourite supplies so they are easily accessible and ready to go.

I need a loose plan.

I need to be open to try something unplanned.

I need to just do it!

Now let the story unfold.


Createology said...

Good plan dear. Let the story be told and unfold...

Beth said...

This sounds intriguing

Frances Arnold said...

We do sound a lot alike!! I noticed that many of my "year end" posts talk about not having time to create and I am working hard this first week of the year to change that. No more complaining....just doing!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Looking forward to seeing the story unfold!