Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What can I do?

The sky is the limit right?  hmm, I might be aiming too low.  Lets shoot for the stars! :0

As a believer, I can do all things...  takes faith!

As a woman, I can be that feminine influence.

As a wife I can be a helpmeet.

As a mother I can nurture and as a grand mother I can exemplify the nurishment.  ;^)

Being a daughter/sister keeps me humble.  And wearing different hats keeps me versatile.

I can try.  I can learn.  I can experiment.  I can engage in the process and enjoy the journey.

And keeping in mind 2016's motto, I can keep things simple and do the next thing first!

Gee, it does take faith!


Createology said...

Thank you elle dear for writing what I have in my head. Your "Telling a Story" is excellent. Snowing and raining here again today.

Jo Vandermey said...

Faith is not for the faint of heart!
I do like your posts from the last few days.
Rained here all day in Niagara.... gloomy.