Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I need to rerun last week's focus again this week. So it is DD and aprons for the kids cooking class. I shoulda thought about the fabric a bit more. In the rush I forgot that I lay the aprons on horizontally The suns are laying on their ears but the moons are up and paying attention. So some loss and some gain. I was a tad awake as I considered that I'd chopped about 5 metres of fabric into 2" diagonal strips for the binding. What if... but I've made these before. It's okay!
I am off to make arepas with my DD and grand kids. I try to spend one day a week with them. I think I'll make them some aprons too! An apron for an 8 week old. Too cute!
I keep thinking the playroom is perfect but putting the taller drop leaf craft table over the end of the drop leaf sewing cabinet is 'perfecter'! Two sewing machines is heaven.
Cutting high is great. Fiddling high is even better. Ironing high is delightful so now I need to get that tweaked. I saw a 36" x 36" cubical that would be perfect and have nine 12" storage cubes. I have to actually try sewing high. The extension cords don't thrill me but that is a major electrical upgrade for this old house that could happen someday.
I'm off for an uplifting day!


KatieQ said...

I love your sewing room. I have a cutting /ironing table that allows the sides to fold down so it takes up less room, but I would love to have a cabinet like yours. If you sew up high, do you have a stop/start button or are your legs long enough to reach the floor pedal? I have to admit, I can't quite picture it.
I think the idea of an apron on your 8 week old grandchild is hysterical.

elle said...

I am only 5' 2" but I plan to stand and sew. I might be too close to the drop leaf as there isn't much toe space so I may need to put a wide board under the sewing machine so I can have a few inches of overhang. I'm game to give it a good try.