Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm thinking!

I got the grass cut on Wednesday and the tree site on the north bush ready for planting.

Today it was rainy and windy and very windy! This tree is the focal point of the front yard, lovely weeping branches for shade and privacy but every time it is VERY windy, I lose more tree! argghhh

It was a good day to plan veranda options. I found a nice medley of cool blues, greens and lilacs. I think these will work with the light yellow house wall which is what you see as you enter and where most of the colour will be. The other 3 walls are yellower but have more than half as windows. If not I'll modify the paint at a later date. But the dark purple is looking good on the door.
I found some letters I had gotten a few years ago. But I can't find the board that I had planned to use. So I looked for another... I'm sure I had a smaller board but I'll be darned if I can find anything that works besides this big square piece. The little green shadow box was my latest thrift shop find, perfect for the spring grouping.

So I fiddled. I drew on graph paper. I liked the 2 birdhouses together. That lower shelf is precariously perched till I'm sure of its height. I found a plan and then I found better.

The horizontal welcome fits nicely under the bird houses. I'll be looking for some smaller lettering, some more bottles of folk art paint and possibly a plate holder. Round would be nice in the grouping; it kinda goes with the birdhouse openings. I'm thinking a lot of smaller stuff works better. The bottom picture, an original watercolour, is the other find from the thrift shop. Probably too nice for the veranda as that plate and pot were blown off the sill in the wind. I also got 2 great coloured glass bottles. It's coming together. I also remembered all my little tea pots. They'll go on the quilt rack shelf. I found my white paint for the shelving. That'll probably be next but I'm off for a town day tomorrow to get some colourful paint. hum, hum, hum!


Createology said...

Wow! Wonderful progress on your wall grouping. It is looking fabulous. Happy decorating...
P.S. I am sorry about your tree.

Twisted Quilts said...

Love the two birdhouses. The blue plate in the window is charming and works really well with yellow. So much fun to try different combinations.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor tree! But the birdhouses look really pretty together.