Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Surprise

Well, the start of the summer make over is proving quite surprising. I was very surprised to have the cupboard gone but as the before photos show there is lots to be improved. My hubby says that the builder of the house was good but the builder of the veranda hadn't a clue. So it has shifting issues and until those are resolved repainting isn't an option. I may do the front door a darker colour though.

I removed everything. I swept and then I got the garden hose, broom and mop. I didn't look so good when it was done but the veranda did. It is amazing what can be done with some water and scrubbing.

While things were drying out I went scouting for possibles. We managed to accumulate a selection of wooden chairs when we were touring auctions a few years ago. I put the hose on them as well. I have 2 IKEA tables that make a nice arrangement when set side by side. Trouble is I am typing on one of them. Not insurmountable though.

I studied the various photos and notes in the veranda file and I began to gather my options.

The colours will be brighter than the pastels in the house as pastels would wash out in the sun. I can also paint some things. I have kept the above magazine page for a long time. I'd forgotten about the birdhouses but I have some that were to be in my rainbow garden with bird houses for rent 'cheep'. My farmer nixed my expansion plans so they are up for repurposing. I found them and evicted the spiders. I even have a small shelf that kinda matches the quilt rack I'd planned to also use. I've seen wooden letters at Michael's but I'm not sure if I've room for any frames though. 8) So far so good!

The bench which sat under this window will go outside. Hubby needs to make a big box for his stuff and it could have a few cushions on it.
The quilt rack fits nicely between the door and window of the house. It is precariously balanced on the available nail. I'd put it higher but the general idea can be seen and I need to 'see' things. But water definitely comes thru the misaligned veranda roof so the quilt needs to be utility. I have some summer dresses a friend gave me that are a serviceable cotton in some pretty wild colours. Possible, and a table cloth could serve in the meantime! An old wooden blanket chest I found hiding in my shed when I went looking for bird houses washed up nicely and fits under the quilt rack. More seating and some storage.

The table area is in front of the front room window which has sheer cafe curtains. There will be no curtains in the veranda. The quilt, place mats/table cloth, and maybe a cushion or two will be the only soft materials. Privacy isn't an issue but wind and water are. The light in the veranda is a light bulb on a pull chain. I was given an overhead hanging light that is too big for inside. I plan to hang it over the table. One day I may even get it wired! lol The 3 chairs have somewhat the same style. I'm not sure I'd paint the table but possibly the chairs. The blanket box has weathered metal corners but it needs paint. The small shelf and quilt rack can be painted. The 5 birdhouses I found need refreshing.
So now I leave things as is for a few days while I think about what I'm going to do. I had originally thought to put hubby's chest under the quilt rack and leave the bench but I could see that it would crowd the chair at the table so I went for the smaller box. I'll only need a few ornaments.
To review: Theme is cottagey and the paint will help accomplish that. The wood chairs speak cabin to me rather than cottage. Flowers in the window. I'm seeing yellow, pink, green and the blue is more periwinkle/purple but I can live with that. I can have a quilt with not too much worry. The rabbit can sit in a doll chair I have somewhere. Oh, and I remember a wooden high chair that is in the basement. So things are starting to gel. I need to consider the paint colours for the various things. Then I can start to get things ready for some show and tell next week. I really do enjoy this whole process.

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