Tuesday, June 29, 2010

run, run, flap, flap, ooomph

I luv to write so if I'm not clickety clacking on the ol' keyboard something is in dire need of looking at. I don't think I'm a down person but I think sometimes I get way too much happening and I hit a flat spot on my motor. This I know because my lawnmower is sometimes a no-start. So I do the jiggle, jiggle, shift, shift, thump, thump, yell, yell and raise sorrowful countenance skyward until something clicks and moves into varoom. (not necessarily in that order) Sometimes I check the gas, fill, and just get going! oops!
Anyway, our weather is not its typical self. But I have lots that is not weather dependent to do. Cool does slow me a bit while I look for my sweater but I can up the heat units, too. shh, He who keeps the budget isn't sympathetic. Actually he recommends cuddling!
Joshua is visiting for a few unplanned days and he is no longer so happy to play over there by himself, while I am over here by myself. shhh! He is napping while I express myself.
I really do need to clear my old commitments (see side bar) so I can get on with the fun, Fun, FUN! I realize I am working in an whole new way and that old stuff is frankly a drag on the creative juices. You would think at the great age of 60+ I'd have figured some of this smart stuff sooner. But I'm absolutely convinced all this creativity is swelling the grey matter if not increasing it. SUDUKO, here I come! (not, I can barely figure yardage)
One thought as I put away fabric is that I am no longer going to be putting the leftovers back in their previous location. The tone on tones will go into colour specific bins for wonky filler blocks. I like the idea of a parts department that Freddy and Gwen advocate in Liberated Quiltmaking. The rest will move along to help out somebody else's creative life.
I have been busy. Exhaustingly so, but not exhaustingly sew! We have been working on that barn. Feels great mentally if not physically to be getting that job done. My dearie is proving to me what I am hearing all around. Do it, complete it, then tackle another. Now he has 3 jobs on the go but they are the option if neither of the other can happen. eg.) inside verses out, cash or not, and quick or slow I'm becoming a believer! Besides he refuses to let me stampede him into any deviations of the plan. Actually, he considers my idea for about 3 minutes then sees the trap and the brow lowers and we continue according to plan. vbsigh He gets his jollies from the old crossing off of accomplishments and I get mine from the few times I manage to get him derailed and a new list started! whoo, hoo! Totally worth the chase around the kitchen!
So the boss's baby quilt, using the stash and a new technique is in the que. It'll be monochromatic and every pink possibility works. No time loss agonizing over fabric choices. Actually I like monos. I cut the fabrics into as many 5" charm squares as the fabrics allowed and jettisoned the scraps. I tried not to skate from one spot to the next as Josh practices sorting, stringing, and sewing with shoe laces.
The 5 inch squares are laid on a fusible grid that is marked in one inch lines. I'll cut sashing, lay it in place then iron it all down. The squares can actually be pinked squares or just a scant 5", (four and seven eighths) because it is just a wee bit easier when the folding takes place for sewing the seams. The down side to using the Quilters Grid fusible is not knowing the finished size but I'm cool with the class handout and I seriously doubt I'll do it just like the plan. If it is baby's first place mat or carry cover for the car seat...
Then I thought it was high time to try the new mixer. argghhhh Not the right stuff for my new recipe for a general flour mix for gluten free baking . THEN, not the right stuff for this cookie recipe that came with the DVD. But today was the day, so...
I'd rather improvise with fabric. And the math... It has also been confirmed that those darn kids have been talking about my baking skills, (or lack of them) because Josh wouldn't try one! He'll have a second chance when he wakes up! I also have to get the DVD back on so I can figure how to lower the darn mixer to put it away!
Then it'll be off to see if the mosquitoes have moved the potted shrubs from their evaluation spots. If they have then my side kick and I will chase them down as we cut the grass and hydro plane thru the low spots. Ready, seddy. Goggles adjusted and rubber boots lifted. Yahoooo!


Anonymous said...

Oooh a pink quilt! I love it already! Sounds like an interesting technique you're using - I'll be interested to see how it all comes together.

And as for sudoku - I'll take that over fabric maths any day. The need to calculate the amount of fabric required for binding reduces me to a gibbering wreck!

Unknown said...

I'm sending you gallons of skeeter repellent!!