Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Process of Puttering

I've spent the day cutting grass. My part of the world received an unheard of amount of rain over this last weekend. I was hydro-planing in some spots but the coolness just makes the grass lusher so I must persevere. The good news is that this project is so bad that anything we do will be an improvement.
The first step is to drain the water, move everything out, including the dog who burrows into the far corner. Some things need to go to a new gardening shed. I'm not sure where that will be but... Some things need to come out and play in their summer spots. Hmm, I wonder where they will spend the winter. oops! I might need to think about the afore mentioned garden shed sooner than I thought. lol

When I walk out to the coop from the house, my first view is the east end of the shed. It has a quarter circle flowerbed that I call the Red Hat Corner. The colours are red and purple. Two purple clematis run up the wood support. It could use more red.

The south side faces an arrangement of garden boxes in a formal layout, four outside boxes and an inner square. I've wanted to put a pergola type structure here and have a Kiwi vine but if I put the windows on this sidethat may make the inside too shady. The shed is particle board that has been very well weathered. The shed was drug over with the tractor from its place beside the big barn, It had been a small work shed for oil, tractor parts, tires, cultivator shovels, etc. before I coveted it. These wood sheets are 4' X 8' so I'm thinking the shed is 8' X 12' with a cathedral ceiling! 8^)

I don't think the door survived the move. The shed is double walled and that is why it probably hasn't fallen over. I want double doors opening out.

The skylight needs to go though. Hubby says a truss or two needs replacing but new sheets of particle board and some shingles will fix it up just fine.

The north side faces That Faerie Place.
The colour is blue and lime green which mostly comes from the accessories. The chickens keep rearranging my meandering path and I'm waiting for hostas and ferns to fill in the open spots. The name of this little blue flowered plant escapes me but it does self seed.
So this is the before post. I shall continue to add weekly reports as the work progresses. I can hardly wait for the after post myself!


Molly said...

Sorry it's so wet, but it's absolutely beautiful! I love before and after posts so I can't wait to see how this turns out. Good luck!!

Unknown said...

Wow... it's a lovely shed, I know it's kinda falling apart, but that adds to the charm, IMO. Good luck with renovations on YOUR NEW DYE STUDIO. *g*

KatieQ said...

It sounds as though your plans for your dye shed are moving full steam ahead. I love the metal frogs on tall legs on the shelf in your shed. Do you use them any place special in your yard?