Monday, June 14, 2010

Scattering or Gathering

I was outside these weekend working on trees and trying to cut back the jungle. Cool and wet makes for a real jungle of weeds. I went to bed slightly angsted (?) because lots of things are on my plate. Breathe in deeply a few times and focus. Remember the great start and triple F.
8) Trees
8) Veranda
8) Sunshine Room
8) BOM
8) TOM
8) Baking
The bunk beds are ordered and will arrive the end of the month so the trim needs finishing and those quilts need to move along. The veranda colouring needs to be finalized. As I gathered things for making the final colour choices in the veranda, I realized it has a similar colouring to the sunshine room. This is exciting because it means that cohesive flow which a whole house needs is beginning to happen.
The trees are a forward plan for less maintenance. Keep thinking simplify! My farmer and I are united in this.
This is the last BOM and then the putting of it together. The TOM is important because it keeps me trying new things.
I'll get all this done if I feel good so I need to eat good. Besides the rhubarb needs some processing. I need to learn to use my new mixer. Think of it as a creative challenge. VBSigh
I really see that all things need a proper balance so today is an inside day and probably here in the playroom with some pedal to the medal and some dabbling with the brushes.
But I'm pleased. Before when I felt overwhelmed I'd start a new project; some happy noises and one more thing would be added to the 'not finished' stack BUT I'd still be overwhelmed. Journal blogging is working for me as I keep Triple F before me: focus, fiddle, and finish.


Unknown said...

Triple F, I like that. Ele, your energy is boundless!!

Createology said...

Just B.R.E.A.T.H.E. and all will be fine. Your list is long but your stamina and working efforts are longer! I too have been weeding for days. Nothing very creative in weeding if you ask me! Happy creating...