Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been under the weather. Not sick, but maybe sick and tired of the wet stuff. And we won't even whisper the name of those very terrible blood sucking dive bombers! I'm not a weather person. I don't think. But I am married to a wanna be weather man. We have rain gauges at strategic places. We have 3 weather sites on the Internet. I'm in charge of pulling my dearie to safety if he leans too far out the window during lightening storms! We follow closely the writings of a local weather forecaster who explains/teaches and lives relatively close by. He is also rather humorous and comic relief is most times appreciated. We are under an unstable weather pattern that is ruining most farmers dreams of "this could be the year'! I have a varied enough to-do list that I can be creative whenever. But grey, cold, damp and dismal is taking its toll!

So when I'm stressed, I vacuum, clean, sort and rearrange. I decide the playroom needs my attention. It may not look too different but I always feel better.

I last posted with a tree that was in danger. The steel rod that is visible is from a previous storm a few years ago. This smaller trunk split during the last storm. But while down, it is not out, so we'll run another bar thru this second trunk and evaluate. We have a young tree near by that needs a bit of protection before these can be removed.

But we also have more trees to plant in the outer boundaries to see if we can't deflect some of these winds. Ideal planting conditions aren't happening so we've been mucking them in during less than ideal conditions. The main thing to remember is to keep the mouth shut so one doesn't swallow any mosquitoes. oops, I said the dreaded word and sure enough I have one buzzing about the screen. argghhh

The Bernina Club wasn't as full due to the downpour. It was basic quilting but I learned about 2 new feet and some wonderful fusible interfacing. I even had some but seeing how it was used has made me smack my head for not using/doing it before now. My hubby wants a quilt for his boss's first baby girl and I have just the thing for a quick quilt. I shall be posting the process pretty soon. The baby is already 5 days old! lol

I did get a few supplies for the veranda colours. I'm tweaking things and will make some final decisions shortly. It really doesn't help when someone posts a great colour combo and it makes me think, oh, I want that, too.

At the first sign of wind and weather I go on the peony alert. I quickly clipped off any heavy flowers and I had a lovely fragrant bouquet for the house. Rain doesn't keep the grandkids away, in fact they came for an overnighter. The little princess has a mosquito bite on her cheek and the prince has a buckle fracture on his dominant arm from falling off a chair in an attempt to reach his balloon. But they don't seem to be affected by the lack of sunshine!
Monday was a wash, literally and figuratively. I am refocusing.


Anonymous said...

Peony's are my favorite flower. Your grandkids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Uuurgh - the "M" word! I hope you're managing to avoid the little suckers and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get some lovely sunshine soon :)