Friday, June 18, 2010

Still Windy

This is a weeping willow. It has 2 main trunks. The larger trunk that is behind split and tore badly a couple of years ago. You can see the rod that was put to stabilize it while we decided what to do. We planted a young tree farther out and kept the original for some protection/shade. But the little guy is struggling. I was for maybe moving it and then taking out that bigger trunk and leaving this smaller trunk. But we have had some tremendous winds these last few days and the options are lessening. It is close to the house but these driving winds have always toppled things towards the lawn rather than the house. These willows are pretty tough and many of the non weeping are used in the farm shelter belts. They take a lot before they finally succumb and give up. But a focal tree should be attractive!
There is an ash tree closer to the house that thumps on the roof and it's replacement is doing nicely and it will definitely be going very soon.
We'll see what greets me when I return with my veranda supplies. Hopefully I won't get blown to the city and back! 8)


Molly said...

Sometimes I love a windy day! Seems like it's blowing in some fresh, clean air and gettig rid of the dead wood in my trees.

Unknown said...

Oh no, poor tree. :(