Friday, June 25, 2010

No Go Mo Jo

I can't believe I have frittered away a whole week! AWK

Blame it on the weather.
This prairie province is known for average, even boring happenings. The main city is built at the junction of 2 rivers, in a flood plain, so every once in a while that happens. Wind is a part of prairie life. The geography actually has a bit of everything and we do have bush areas. This year everything is happening. We survived the spring with no dire warnings of flooding but since then, we have had rain most days so rivers and ditches are full and fields are just saturated. The people in town have flooded basements because the water is happening in such a volume and running down the back lanes. Then we've had some tornadoes. Now we have a fire raging thru the northern bush. sheesh!

We are an hour from the city and actually we are higher than their highest building so flooding isn't an issue. There is a huge ditch running in front of our property but flooding from it is very unlikely even though it is a major drain for the neighbouring municipality and the local river is a mile away.

Our sump pump is actually keeping up with the water that finds its way into our very old and needy basement. Last night I hydro-planed thru all the grass. I definitely can tell where the low spots are and we are making plans to level some of that and carry the water further away from the basement. Some of these new trees should help suck up some of this water as well. Mucking in all the trees was messy work, though. The trees should reduce some of this wind but the mosquitoes reminded us to still allow some wind thru the yard. The coop is well protected and the mosquitoes luv to hide out there so painting it is NOT an option at the moment even were it to stop raining!

But last night the well stopped working. Water, water everywhere... except in the taps! So we bucketed some up from the bridge and hopefully my farmer can get it fixed before the day is out.

Now my vacuum still works and hopefully I can finish up in the playroom. I'd like to play but the job is half done. I'm thinking I need to work with some pink. Blue and green aren't turning my crank at the moment! 8^)


Unknown said...

Ele :(( May the rain stop, the sun shine, the basement dry out and your cabin fever end. <3

Love the look of your new blog, too!

Anonymous said...

I hope your well gets fixed soon!

Createology said...

Hi elle: I would love to send you some dry hot weather so all of your water could disperse. You really are having issues. I do hope that you got your well fixed. We are on our own well here so we do know the joy of tap water. May you not experience any of the fire happening. Hope you found some time to make something pink. Happy creating...