Monday, June 28, 2010

Pick yourself up...

dust yourself off and start all over again. Well, maybe wring yourself out! 8^)

We are back in water, in the house and out! Goodness, it doesn't matter anymore, it just runs off as the ground is SO saturated.
Saturday my farmer and I spent the day in our big barn. Wonderfully satisfying. I am more the sort, shove it over and shovel it out kind of gal. Fine tuning is not my strong suit so I really like making huge big changes in messy situations rather than puttering with something that hardly shows any effort! We didn't get done but my dearie is so impressed he thinks we should keep going and tackle the other barn/shop. He asked what I think we should do with all his auction find sales of exercise equipment we'd planned for a home gym. Well, we were right pooped! It took us a good part of Sunday to recover. So the 'gym' will be not be happening. We are too busy doing the real thing to designate special times for rotating on a stationary bike! LOL

The back half of the barn is for livestock. The front half is for the summer kitchen and the miscellaneous stuff like feed. The top no longer stores hay but is one big storage area.

We had gotten the baseboards to finish off the sunshine room when we got the parts for the well. Josh's Dad cut them for us. We used 2 different kinds to get what we needed. They are ready for painting and nailing into place. I'm glad I never took out anymore baseboards. They were old 8 inch fir on plaster walls. They splinter and are kinda expensive to replace. Live and learn!

Now Josh and I need to have a meeting of the minds to see what we want to do while the Grand Farmer is off at work. It is back in the barn for us tonight. I wonder if he'd like to put pink patches together?

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