Friday, July 2, 2010

First Thing

Which Hand Tool?

I really have been busy. No doldrums! Three days of grandson and much activity but not a lot accomplished off my list.
Then Thursday was Canada Day. My dearie was home and he was right. Getting these trees planted was a small part of the job. Now weeding and protecting from the sheep. Morning was cool and mosquitoey and we moved along. Then in the afternoon Summer returned. HOT! (and mosquitoey). I also found the new location for the hornets nest! :>[ The good news is I stopped before I REALLY antagonized them.
So today I have options.
I deserve a break. Sewing! YAY
The baseboards should be painted before the beds are announced. Yay
I should do more in my flowerbeds before the tree supervisor gets off work. yay
UH OH! They want to bring the new bunk beds NOW! Tomorrow? Compromise: tonight. Okay, where is my brush.
But a quick run outside and it is cool and windy. Significant! The sweat doesn't wash off the bug spray but no need to even spray. No mossies!
'kay. Here is the executive decision. A few hours in the cool of the day with the flower beds but at quick time! Then at quicker time, the trim and I'll get the fan on the fresh paint.
I hate executive decisions. No playing!


Unknown said...

I love executive decisions when I'm the executive making them! ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you avoided the mossies and hornets! Here's hoping you get a break in all the decision making for play time!

Vicki W said...

Thanks for all of your comments on my blog while I was at Craft Week! I hope you got some sewing time for yourself.