Friday, July 23, 2010

What a lark, I see a bunny

Yvonne commented on my last post. "Did you ever see the bunny in a larkspur? It can't be a hybrid larkspur, but if you look close you will see a bunny in the center of it, sitting on his haunches with his long ears sticking up. "
So I ran out this morning and even though things are kinda wet...
But by golly, it looks like bunnies to me. Now apparently there are ladies taking a bath in the bleeding hearts. ???


Unknown said...

Lovely, lovely, Ele. :D

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I see the bunnies! Wow. What awesome photos.

I found you from the message you left on my blog. Like you, I'm really a coffee drinker, too. I only drink tea once a week, with Yvonne and other tea gals.

I am dyeing fabric at the moment, and was impressed by some of the pieces I saw a few posts back. I never realized dyes got old, but it figures. Use it or lose it seems to be the adage for art supplies. I have never used fabric dyes that require soda ash because the powders are not available where I live. So I find alternatives to "real deal."

Have a lovely weekend and thanks again for finding my blog.