Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Multi Tasks

I'm in the process of emptying the old shed so that meant I had to get all the lawn accessories out and into position. I must say that shade gardening is pure pleasure. This area doesn't get prime attention but things are actually beginning to fill in. It is cool, the weeding doesn't come any easier, and it just has its own special magic. I do need to catch a hen who can fly over the gate and likes to rearrange my path!

I picked up a few old books at the thrift store Friday and of course the grandson. A rainy Saturday so I steered the Grand Farmer and his helper into the veranda.
We got the various things up including my 'chandelier'! It doesn't work but I suspect I could set tea lights in it. I haven't quite mentioned it to the site foreman, but I think it needs a coat of some stupendously smashing spray paint! I do like how it is visible when I look out the front window from inside the front room. I would have liked a bit more sparkle and a little less visual weight, but it was free! I'm getting a sense of the colours I want in here and a teal floor is first thought that presented itself. But I'm not sure about the light. Lime?
Monday the sheep shearer was due. His timing was great as the sheep had had some time to whiten and drop all the mud from their belly wool. I spent the morning cutting some of the foxtail around the sorting area that the sheep will not eat. Very itchy stuff! So my city trip was postponed but the sheep are another thing off the list.

I dashed off to the city to pick up a new 1/4" foot with a guide for my sewing machine and to hear all about the summer training session. The old roller foot is now recommended for echo quilting so I ordered that as well.

I got a Threads magazine on my travels. I'd let my subscription go but this one didn't have one superfluous article in it. So I e-mailed back to add an invisible zipper foot to my sale order so I'll be ready for garments as soon as the snow falls. Yikes!

In the pile, extreme right are the little wooden doohickeys that my dearie insists will fix my failed attempt at furniture assembly. I'd wanted that little bookcase for the Sunshine room done yesterday and so I 'did it myself' and the result is several weeks delay while the glue grabs and the fix is found! sheesh

But I did hit an EUREKA! This building store has a big paint department and I'm gathering paint chips to make my own fan deck. They want $30 for one and I figure I'm pretty close to being done to warrent spending $$$ for ones I can string together for free. I'd said no thanks to any help but the perky young thing was hauling paint gallons around and was letting me alone so nicely that I decided to try one more time for paint colour advice. Well! We got 2 nice greens and I asked how I should transition and she said, no transition, Go Bold! whoa! So I cautiously asked if one of the 12 walls slated for greens could have a little more boldness. Purple? She found a very good possibility. little snoopy dancing happening down in my heart! Lets go for broke. A red dining room? Now that took a bit more hunting but I have a cranberry swatch which is exactly the colour name I've had in mind. I asked her name and told her I'd be back the minute I started to whimp out! lol

Then I shuffled around Michaels for something cheap so I could get a coupon. He who keeps the budget wouldn't approve and a $20 expenditure on 2 accessories maybe won't cover the return gas and the 'must have' purchase. vbsigh And I only got a 40% after all that traffic hassle and options oogling. But I'm after a $100 screen printing kit.

And that brings me back full circle to emptying the shed, getting it ready for the remodeling for a dyeing shed and slapping on some paint while the slapping is good! The sorta bad news (shhh!) is that the hay fields are actually drying so my contractor/farmer may be springing into the tractor seat to make hay rather than grabbing his carpenter's apron, but all that sunshine will give me some time to paint veranda doors, chests and chandeliers! It'll also give me time to figure the layout. The really good news is that he estimates that the shed is a fairly quick job and he can give me some significant extra square feet! big snoopy dance happening down in my heart! He says we have just about all the supplies but I need to save up for shingles. ooh, more colour options!

So one thing I did buy when I picked up the grandson was some highpowered health food type shake. It's full of hay. I figure what is good for the sheep is good for me. And actually alfalfa powder and barley greens are amazingly affective as a Go Juice. They really make me a bit hyper.

So it is ready, seddy, GOOOOO......

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You certainly accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time. I admire your spunk to do all of your fabulous projects that you have so well planned. Happy creating...