Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the pink!

The focus is baby quilts.

I decided to use some hand dyed fabric I have. I also have a bit of a fabric from some local gals, Completely Kids by Blue Meadow Designs. Using that as the accent, I dispersed 5 .5 inch squares over a piece of backing I'd determined would be the finished size. 8 X 8 squares totals 64 squares. Hum, hum.
Ah, I'm needing something more; a bit of some yellow that'll leave a big hole in my design schemes when it is all gone.

My design wall is quite full so I'm working on the hall floor. I do chain piece but not by stacking blocks and carrying them to the sewing machine. I somehow mix things up when I do that so I pick up two squares, sew them, go get another, sew them, cut off the first and put it back where it came from and grab another two. I enjoy the back and forth movement and now that I piece standing up I find it doesn't take all that long. I'm enjoying the process.

I'm quite pleased with the finished top. The jungle print for the back has some fuchsia in it so it'll be bright enough and busy enough for floor use and eye spy.


Createology said...

Great quilt top you have done and very quickly. The colors are very bright and fun which is perfect for little ones. Happy quilting...

Lesly said...

I love your hand-dyed fabric, Elle. It's really beautiful. You are making me feel the urge to get my hands pink!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is drop dead GORGEOUS, Elle. I am thrilled to see a real seamstress's results. Give me three squares and 1) they would not be square when I cut them, and 2) they would not line up anywhere. Way to go.

I can't seem to get my e-mail to work, but wanted you to know I'm featuring you as my blog of choice tomorrow (July 29). I'm off with friends in a few minutes, but wanted you to know what a wonderful inspiration you are to me (and my fabric dyeing).