Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Spread

Here's a few flowers to see and smell before I point out the weeds. Things have spread out a bit too far so it is time to regroup and get things tighter.

I've managed to get a dozen things started and only the things on my hubby's and my mutual list are crossed off. Time to refocus!

For some reason my soil/garden likes to allow reseeding. Poppies became a positive weed and I've learned to thin mercilessly. Now these larkspur and dill weed (hmm, that shoulda told me something) are becoming a nuisance. It does seem as if a bright idea of mine sparks all kinds of half finished projects.
Now what have I actually managed to accomplish so far? Oh typical! Nothing to show!

I have the mulch down but not quite all finished. And then I see some weeds are getting thru. So I need to go back and make it a bit heavier. That little scene above almost made me throw away my trowel. But I'm pretty optimistic so I'll give it a thicker try.
We did get the trees in the ground. Some are doing splendid and some are struggling and some have drowned. Lesson: we can only look after 50 trees a year. Therefore, DO NOT order 120! yes, sir!
I probably need a good day or 2 early mornings to run the hoe around the worst of the weeds.
Oh, The BOM quilt top is made and the deadline met. YAY!
The new shed is moved but not yet finished as far as shelves go, nor is the front closed in. I know Michael won't start my dye shed until he finishes up this first one. But I dragged him out to the old puttering shed last night to explain my plans for the new dye place. I'd been up into the dusty corners of the barn checking the availability of supplies and measuring. oooh, it is gonna be good even if it does make him roll his eyes. But he is NOT spontaneous and needs lots of heads up time to figure how to accomplish my heart's desire so I like to forewarn him!

I do believe all the grass is cut that I can cut. One weather storm cell is showing for today and then there are no more on the coming week's weather picture. My farmer should be busy making his hay so that leaves me on my own and doing my own thing. another Yay!

So I need to gather up the scattered seeds and see if I can gather in some finished fruit for my labour.
The weather should allow for some painting. I have a gallon of paint for the poor old coop from last year. That might be the place to start. There'll be a mess outside, on the chooks and on me but the clean up will be minimal. Then I can tackle veranda stuff and work in to the fine furniture and trim in the house. I do think I've got the basic colour plan for the house all figured out.
I checked with he who brings in the moola and yes, he still wants the baby quilt for his boss and the delivery date for the other two is about 10 days away. So...
Sadly I have my daughter's wedding quilt UFO facing the wall and the new front of my design wall with the Sunshine room quilts is covered by the BOM top. I really need to give myself a stern talking to as the fourth anniversary will be this winter. I think I've learned my lesson about not finishing tops!
I would so like to play with fun stuff like paint, thread, beads, fusibles etc. for journals and art quilts but I need to get some of these basic things done that hopefully are not going to reoccur anytime soon.
So Focus- get back to the basic to-do list
But Fiddle- only slightly with the time options
And Finish- one thing and move to the next thing
Then Fling- that old crumpled list away!


Yvonne said...

Did you ever see the bunny in a larkspur? It can't be a hybrid larkspur, but if you look close you will see a bunny in the center of it, sitting on his haunches with his long ears sticking up.

Createology said...

I want to see the bunny in your larkspur. I have never heard of that. Lovely flowers elle. Happy re-focusing...

elle said...

By golly, even soaking wet, their little ears are standing up. I'll try to post a picture!