Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I THINK I can, I think I CAN!

I stopped yesterday and brought home the colour fan deck from the paint company I'll use for my paints. It has the whole line of colours but this copy is wired together and I suspect a few cards are missing in the red/cranberry section but I can tweak that later.
The 5 pamphlets are from a different company but they gave me the aha! to mix up the 4 moods although I used mostly the muted pallet on the end but I'll use the others to keep the flow with accents. I was also pleased that I've maintained the original impetuous for the most part. My mistake was thinking that the flow had to be with the same value of colours. It was just getting the exact paint (undertone) colour and I learned that they aren't always where you think they are in the order of the colours. Kinda neat, actually!

But I think I have a whole house plan figured. I better because I want to get on to other things and just pick up the appropriate paint and do the rooms in between my real fun hobbies.

I've learned that I can't have it all and still have a cohesive whole which is very important to me. So I think this is the best that I can come up with on my own. Now I've been told the cranberry living room won't work but the same gal gave me a colour for the sitting room that I don't think goes with the 2 chairs. ??? I found a similar but better. (The 2 professional recommends are very centre bottom.) So why not 'my' cranberry. I'll be experimenting with that when I get there. I am also not using the decorator white for trim. I'd already decided it was too cold for me when I read about it being very overly recommended and there were much better choices. Then I took the next (RADICAL) leap. I do not like high contrast so why am I doing such light baseboards and trim??? I'm going to do each room a lighter version of the room colour. Gnash, gnash!!! It is only paint, remember, it is only paint! LOL!

The hall rug upstairs ties together the rooms represented on the left of my story board. (That very dark purple is my reconciling that a purple front door can work.)

The front room (dining room) rug is the fixed feature for the downstairs. (See, I'm still reconciling that purple door!)

The trick will be the stairway which is 2 stories. I want warm yellow greens upstairs to transition in the stairwell to the cooler blue greens in the downstairs. I have another pamphlet with a great combo that includes the 2 greens. It is possible I'll be painting all the walls a slightly different colour but it works out to about 8-10 walls depending on how you count so I should be able to ease the colours along without too much jarring. It doesn't show up very much but the up stairs rug has the warmer greens and a dash of blue green while the down rug has a bit of blue green in the leaves as well as that navy. Heck, I may be stretching it but there is some olive in the stems as well.

So the big question is- Am I thinking that it can work because I SO badly want it to work or does it really work?


KatieQ said...

You really are knee deep in paint chip samples. I think it is terrific the way you have attacked your decision to coordinate your house. I have really enjoyed following your decorative journey. I can understand why your grandson fell asleep in your sunshine room. It has such a welcoming look.

Vicki W said...

You know, as much as I love color I HATE picking decorator colors! I'm not nearly as methodical about that as you are. Go for it - I am sure it will look great! If's only paint, as you said.

Unknown said...

If you want it to work that badly, it will, because you'll love it. And it's your space, do whatever you want to it. :D

craftmatic said...

Yes, you really can do it if you really mean it. Being keen and passionate makes everything goes well.