Friday, July 16, 2010

What's cooking!

I'm in trouble. My dear hubby who is more interested in food than I am is looking to preserve the rhubarb for winter.

He is also looking for all the jars. There seems to be a shortage of pint jars.

Anybody who knows anything about science and particularly lab experiments knows you use glass in experiments. 8^) Glass is very stable and besides it is very much nicer aesthetically than plastic food containers. And I'm all about form over function. So I have lots of jars in my dye centre.

The TOM for July was dyeing or fabric painting. I decided to use up some of the old dyes that I had in the jars from a previous dye session. That was some time ago so I just used what was left. I did combine a little of the yellows and the reds. This was very much serendipity. I did the soda ash soak then added the dyes to the fabric as they sat in baggies. I did lots of scrunching as I was after an even colour. I intended to let them sit all day and over night but the bright yellow was making me nervous so before I went to bed I just drained off the yellow but left the cloth in the baggies. In the morning I began to rinse, and rinse and RINSE! It looked like most of the dye was rinsing away but some stayed. Phew! I had done a few pieces of plain cotton and some cotton velvet. The colours are fairly subtle and that is okay. I will remember not to let my dyes get too old.

Oh, and the jam turned out quite nice as well! Actually, it had more colour. Hmm, I shoulda asked for the recipe! lol


Lesly said...

Gosh those are beautiful soft colours, Elle! And the rhubarb looks great, too!

Createology said...

Too funny! Always ask a crafter if you need some supplies. I do not think I have ever tasted rhubarb jam. Your colors are beautiful. Happy creating...