Friday, July 30, 2010

That'll be a red face not a pink one

The last baby quilt was a mix of 3o's squares cut just shy of 5 inches with some thin sashing. I used a new technique with a lightly gridded fusible foundation. The scant measurements allow for the fold when the seams are sewn.

The pieces are laid on the fusible and then ironed down with a Teflon sheet to keep the fusible from gumming up the iron.

Then the seams are sewn down with a quarter inch seam right sides together. There are suggestions for pressing seams to one side and after that they are all clipped for the crossing of the next set of seams.

I was pretty irritated by that time. The pressing would have gotten fusible where it shouldn't go. The clipping meant more bother and possible loosening of fabric. So I forged ahead.

I wasn't impressed. A lot of fiddling to get it ready to go and then all you saw after that was the white back of the fusible and while it did go fast I got some physical discomfort from lack of moving around. The extra layer is probably not a problem but I don't really like it. I wonder if it will bubble later. I've learned I really do like the process of match, sew, iron, place, match, sew, etc. The walking about, the pawing, the smiling, the happy noises may take a bit longer but I like what I'm doing.

So this little top is done and ready for layering and quilting. The colour is odd but it is the end of the day and that hot sun is going down. Now I need to go cool my face after working in this humid sweat shop! I wonder how I'll quilt these little baby quilts?


Unknown said...

I can't believe how far behind I got on your blog... you've been a busy lady, Ele, such beautiful work you're doing!! What's going to happen with the speedball set? I can't wait to see. :D Love the flowers for the purple wall (although I totally would have gone with lime green on purple, even if it did face a blue wall... that's a good color palette! :D

Love all these posts, it was so much fun to sit with my coffee this morning and read all of them. <3

Createology said...

I like the colors here on your newest quilt. I agree with you that I am not sure the fusible will hold up through serious use and washings. Maybe with the quilting process that will help hold it all together. Happy creating...