Monday, July 5, 2010

Another deep breath

Weekends are always rather hectic with hubby home and prioritizing job lists and wanting coffee. Then Sunday is always family day whether it be the kids or church family.

So Monday I regroup, refocus, and start again.
A rainy start Sat. morning so we whipped over to the nursery for a couple of additions to the tree list. I got 3 natives for that north bush. They had such BIG perennials. I'm so tempted to return. Hubby wanted a 'stately tree' over by the barn. We got an elm that is resistant to the Dutch Elm disease which is taking out so many trees in our province. I've promised to exactly measure between the four fixed spots so it'll be in a stately position. LOL But we are nearing the end for the trees and flower beds. I'm hoping for one more really good day for my beds and then a couple of evenings to finish up the shelter belts.
I get a lot of self seeding in my beds and I like that it keeps things from becoming too predictable. Dill is one that self seeds.
A post in my blog roll showed Lauren painting the 2 storey wall on her stairway peacock blue! I wish I was braver. I dragged out my favorite Susan Sargent's books for colour fixes. My Ukrainian hubby winces when I do. He wore a bright green t-shirt but doesn't want it on a wall. :( I scratched a few mosquito bites as I relaxed and filled my mind with colour. She says we suffer from chromophobia. Guilty! But I saw I'd underlined that she recommends individualized colour palettes. Now I grab paint chips every time I'm in a paint department.
After everyone left Sunday and we'd rescued some young trees from quack grass and I went into the playroom and rescued paint chips from overflowing baskets and tubs. What a great exercise to sort them! Solid colour from the combos and then the solids into a colour wheel layout. I set aside my favorites and I'll see if there are some obvious preferences and a way to tie them all together into a harmonious whole.
The Grand son had climbed right into the new bunk bed in the Sunshine room. In fact he took a 3 hour nap! Now this room was my first deeply coloured room. Why am I stopping? I do like it. It is zeal that makes me plunge in but then doubt says you can't keep it up and get it right. A fluke?
Now another blog is a decorating site that says the decorator is worth the cost because she saves costly mistakes. I'm afraid to make a mistake but perhaps it is time to step out on the limb so to speak and make a few mistakes, learn a few things and enjoy the whole process.
I'll have some time to think as I focus on starting the laundry, setting the house to rights and stuffing the last pots into the ground. I will have play time this week as a quilting friend is coming to visit.
So the deep breath says, the house gets a lick and a promise, the yard gets finished, pertinent possibles for painting are gathered in one spot, and I'll be ready to blow the doubts away!


Createology said...

Wow elle great post. I have heard it said, "It IS only paint and can be redone if not liked!" Step out of your comfort zone and be brave. You certainly do like color with all those paint chips you collect! Your trees and plants are fabulous. Happy decorating...indoors and outdoors...

Unknown said...

No way are you afraid of color, girlie! :D