Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it a win/win?

Whoa, the humidity is excruciating. We've gone from shiver shiver and wet to pant pant and wet. A lot of the water is on our persons! 8^) So I realized that paint wouldn't be drying and stuck with the slight breeze outside. This weather is getting complicated. Now we get humidex warnings. But I drink water and try to pick the shadier beds.
It's beginning to look good and during the hottest part I redesigned the little garden at the front step that the dog demolished in his quest for relief from the mosquitoes. I think he is now liking the wet mud in the potting shed. We had another huge but brief storm this morning so the beds will need to dry again. I think that fake stacked stone would be excellent around those old timbers. I can hardly wait to explain it all to my dearie!
My bunk beds arrived. hmmm! Before you glance at the picture, here was what I asked for. Special size bunk beds. I want the bottom like a box with wheels so I can pull the bed out and vacuum. I want 3 drawers with wooden handles, (sketch showing the half moon style) I want ledge to keep mattress in place. Simple open style similar to Shaker. Dark stain. No foot or head board for top and ladder on end. He did question the head and foot board and I asked if structurally it had to be there as we'd discussed ladder being part of end. He said well, no. I said I didn't want them then. Now win/win is something my hubby says is important in dealing with anyone. Both need to benefit equally.
I appreciated his promptness. I am very happy with the size. A regular bunk like my kids just got is WAY too big. I like the colour. I would have liked the ends more open but they are okay. I HATE the 3 little drawers on wheels. I didn't want slats I wanted posts. (Shaker!) I will try not to think too unkindly every time I drag out the bed and endlessly line up the 3 little drawers. If we put a layer of Styrofoam under the mattress it should be more comfortable to sit on the bed. My hubby works lots with contractors and has been at my side for the whole proposal. He says 80% The materials are not up to value and the workmanship is only medium. There are always communication issues so I'll take some of that. But probably the biggest thing is creativity. He thinks assembly line, big box stores. I wanted innovative and it was not what he is used to. I feel I overpaid for what I got. He is entitled to a wage but the material should be half. So not exactly win/win. No bad mouthing, I just won't use him when we do my kitchen. Actually, I wish my dear old hubby who was a carpenter's helper on many construction projects could learn how to use some of these new tools. He only sighs and waits for my final revision when he does things for me. And the truth be known, I work with his abilities. He is not a finisher but a rough carpenter. He is also picky, VERY, so I get some classy rough work which suits my simple style design sensibilities! And that would be WIN/WIN


Molly said...

I'm glad to find fellow humidity hater! The beds look great but I know how disappointing it is to have something in your head but not be able to translate it into a reality. That happens every time I get my hair cut .... Oh well, they are still cool and original and I think they are fabulous!

Unknown said...

I like the bed, although I would be upset, too, if I found the materials and workmanship to be crappy.