Friday, January 29, 2016

A Necessary Room

First time I heard this term it made me smile!  :)  Yes, very necessary.

But it might not be so readily apparent why it is necessary to have a bathroom post it in my home decor project.   If I count all my various areas in the home I have enough posts for the season.  I also use them as to-do lists.  This week the Rooster is working on the trim that has been leaning in the corner far too long.  I also need to organize the shelves and declutter.  I won't show that but it is good to have those things done.

It also buys me a bit of time while I rip wall paper off the hallway, prep some art canvases and organize my sewing projects!  lol  And that is definitely a necessity!


Vicki W said...

I like decorating bathrooms because they are small!

Beth said...

I love that fabric in the Necessary Room. Again, you have made me tired just READING your to-do list!!

Createology said...

Very pretty fabric for the necessary room. Your home projects are really getting done and will fresh and fun.