Friday, January 8, 2016

an Epiphany

It is a long walk from my first attempts at decorating.  My mum let me pick the paint colour for my bedroom.  I chose based on the furniture, drapes and bedding available to me.  And it seems that I have been making choices on what is on hand ever since.  That is why I collect stuff.  :O

As the journey continued I was influenced by magazines with the latest trends and DIY projects.  I tended to keep the stuff I liked but I'd try to interpret it in new ways. i.e. The Stash

With a lot behind me and unfortunately stored in the basement,  I am more aware of words like downsize, simplify, etc.,  I am having a closer look at what I have and slowly I have been letting stuff go. Its a start, a beginning.

And then I bought a book.  I've been following Emily Henderson's blog the last few months and I like her attitude.  I bought her book and I can't resist a quiz which is a big part of her beginning chapters.   It says I'm a minimalist.  what???  I have way too much stuff to be a minimalist.  But when I study the categories on each side and then the alternatives-  voila!    I AM!!!

What the heck!!!

A conundrum.  A dichotomy.  An oxymoron.   a puzzle...

I may be slow but I can eventually catch on.  I have lots of likes and I collect what I like.  Then I surround myself with what I like.  But the term global thinking, big picture is not something I easily grasp.   It takes a while but an AHA! moment happened -  In keeping the stuff I like I have sabotaged what makes me happy.  I'm a prairie gal.  I need space.  Empty space.   vbsigh

SO:   The Rooster is not a saver and better at reducing clutter than me.  He has had us working on 30 years of farm stuff outside.  We have begun inside.  He evaluates the designated spot and says 40% needs to go and whoosh;  it is gone.  I seem to have to do it 10% by painful 10% but it gets there.  :}

I'm not sure if it looks that much different because we are not capital H hoarders but by golly, the house  feels so much better.

I started blogging this month about beginnings and as I pursue my luv for home decorating I want to begin at the entrance.  The above picture was taken during our warm spell at the beginning of December.   The veranda was not attached well to main house and we have managed to get it to stop shifting but it needs some work. 

Remnants of my folk art days.  :{    But definitely not in keeping with  my new motto, kiss

The entrance to a home is the first impression, the introduction, the welcome to visitors of who lives in the home

I want it pretty.  The Rooster wants it functional and he tends to view it as a mud room, tool shed, extra pantry for cooling his food related hobby,  ETC.  :(  The compromise is I get rid of clutter and he will figure out a built in cupboard that will become  'another' summer project.  But that's on his list not mine.  :)

 I bought some small, clear lights for around the yellow door.  Then I got another strip for the bottom of the front window.  At night it gives a wonderful ambiance to the front room.  The messy clutter in the veranda has stuff I like but it sure doesn't make me happy.   The simple, warm glow in the biggest window in the house makes me sigh with happiness every time I look up or out! :)

I'm not redoing the veranda when it is 30 below.  But I'm looking forward to carrying this new beginning throughout our home as we continue to  'get it right'  and Keep It Simple!


Margaret said...

RE: the home's entrance. When I lived in the City it was always the Front Door. The foyer was kept tidy and welcoming. There was a coat/boot closet (doors always closed) on one side, and a small table and chair for keys, purses, what-not, putting on one's boots, on the other.

In 2008 I moved to the country...and everyone uses the Back Door. It enters into (yes, Rooster) a 'mud room' or messy room. It's south-facing with a high counter perfect for over-wintering my geraniums, acting as residence for a few house plants, serving as a dye/painting counter. There is another coat/boot closet, the top shelf of which houses wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. There is along the inside wall a long table housing a microwave (2nd-hand for dyeing), sketchbooks, paints...etc. and under which is storage. Along the end wall is a full storage closet...and yes there are my filing cabinets too. No genteel welcomes if you enter my home by the Back Door!

I'm thinking that if "your" entrance is in the front and his is in the back, you both win! :-)

Createology said...

We do love our stuff...years of collected stuff. I like to think of my stuff as treasures and I am the current keeper of them. KISS will serve you well my friend and I am inspired as well. Lovely Veranda on a Warmer day. Stay cozy and enjoy your lighting ambiance. My little Village does the light trick for me. I am not putting it away until after Winter is over. Wonderful Weekend Dear...