Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Barking up the wrong tree

I spent most of yesterday reviving my thread painting skills. Yuk! I covered them with brown organza, did a bit more and voila! I was pleased that I did think outside of the box a bit but it seems a tad dark for a wall hanging. Kinda sombre.
The line workshop went well last night though. We are all looking for lines and the new challenges will be interesting to view. I'm not sure what my idea will be but heck, there is 30 days! 8{
I was anticipating a good day to work on my ufo's but everything went sideways early on. I did restore order to the playroom but the vacuum is still in the middle of the room. I barely got out to count the chickens before they scurried off under the trees.
Today was actually garment day and I do have an idea for a skirt but I don't think I can afford to sew something every week and still get other things done. I wore my jumper for show and tell and someone said I 'just' needed a nice necklace! (I'm working on it!)
I also have been trying to figure out the new camera and if all else fails... well, it seems the instruction book does have a remedy and I shall be trying it out for the next photo session. It also looks like the new light bulbs are effective. Now I need to decide if I shall grab the camera manual, the thread painting notes, the wire jewelry magazine or the mixed media workbook for my "now I lay me down to sleep" routine.

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Unknown said...

I think your quilt turned out really well, nice work on the thread painting!