Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blessed be the tie that BINDS

Well, it takes almost as long to make a designer back as it does to make a front! The table topper will be reversible. Where I want things to go and my math makes for mistakes. grrrr But I did get things to fit. Why is the way so clear on the last few steps???

BUT... I will be making up time because I tried the machine sewn bindingtutorial by Rita on Red Pepper Quilts. The directions and photos are excellent. I'm pleased. I don't mind hand sewing bindings but life is too short to obsess over place mats! I really liked the neat look of the smaller width. I ironed the binding down and didn't need pins. I only missed one corner. Again, thanks Rita! I'm delighted!


Kris said...

Looks great! Good to know that her tutorial works so well too!

Anonymous said...

Love the stars! And I second Kris - it's good to hear the tutorial works.