Friday, November 13, 2009

Dressed for Success

The jumper succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. It actually fits! A little tweaking on the next couple as I have more of this suede fabric which you can tell from the tote bag. oops, the biggest pieces would be a rusty red and a green which aren't in this tote. Stay tuned!

The trip to Michael's yielded some jewelry making tools and some mixed media embellishments.

A trip thru the furniture store display in DD's home town reveals that aqua and chocolate seem to be what the best dressed homes are wearing. The blue greens are the colour I prefer in my home decor. This is NOT good as I saw so many accessories I really liked. It is DD that is looking, not her dear old mum, so I need to cool my plastic and get back into my bedroom which has only a teeny bit of aqua. (They also had lots of metal work which is a luv as well.) But I did find a nice pottery pitcher at her thrift shop with the blue greens.
I think the dust bunnies will be dressed warm enough to be swept outside and then I need to dress up a tree challenge. Well, maybe undress. I'm thinking bare branches and a focus on the trunk bark.

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