Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Cleanup

Tuesday is my Garden day. The weather has been conducive to getting things ready for winter so I had put things to bed and turned toward my indoor playroom. The chickens and ducks will be making the move to their winter quarters any day now. My coop is not readily accessible when the snow drifts settle in.

Tuesday will also be Garment day. I so want to make myself some clothes that fit and say who I am. I had not enjoyed sewing clothes but I am no longer intimidated by sewing machines and patterns. SO! I did. I wanna have jumpers like Jane Sassaman. But I do have a waist and the hips are noticable so straight won't work and gathers, hmm, not too flattering. Sew! I took a bodice from a size 8. (must have been one of my girl's) and a slinky nightie pattern. I enlarged top, over lapped the skirt till I could line them up and redrew. I could finally use that curved ruler I had to have. I made a tissue pattern with 4 pieces. I made the bodice proto type from floral reject stash, did a bit of tweaking and by golly it'll work! but .... pride goeth before the fall. I ripped! If all else fails, read the directions. I had lined the bodice with a coordinating quilt fabric and couldn't turn the darn thing right side out! But, I think I have it figured for next time. It will be fast, easy and looks not too shabby! lol
I've also been doing a bit of fall cleaning on the blog. I need to figure where some of scanner/photo options are now hiding. I need to figure out links and I did some tweaking to the over all look. Things are falling into place!
100 posts and I definitely feel like blogging is helping me to be a better, more creative chick! My jumper is purple for heaven's sake!

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