Sunday, November 15, 2009

The forest for the trees!

I've got a jumble again. I couldn't resist trying some of those friendship stars over at Block Party. What an excitingly new fabric combo for me . And I did actually do it from my stash. Makes me smile! I'll post when I get a few more done.

Then I was out photographing tree trunks and branches. I need to get a lesson or two on my new camera and software and I need to read a good photography book. I must do some thread painting for this challenge. I thought I'd find a general shape and modify it to accomodate a focal point. I figure to add a moon somewhere behind that V. That has my sheers tumblimg over the fabric stars on the table.

Yesterday was butchering day. So I printed and tried a gluten-free gingerbread recipe that would give me something for the guys' coffee break. Wonder of wonders, it was a cake and not a slab! Even I was impressed. Smelled so good! Regular baking challenges me, never mind gluten free.

But hiding among my trees is a predator. 8>( One of my ducks and several chickens are missing. But we did hear the night dog doing his patrol on my side of the yard last night and early this morning. Good Boy, but time to move the feathered friends over to the main barn. We should have done it sooner.

I hope to get some time today to float wispy clouds over the moon so I can paint bark tomorrow!

In the meantime, bring on the friends and family!

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Approachable Photos said...

Ekk, I hate when someting preys on my birds, sorry to hear of that. :(