Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Not even variable. A variant is differing in form or in details from the one named or considered.
I'm varianting. I needed to repurpose the dining and sitting rooms. The stove is sending out its warmth and that means shoving the chairs and table around. Tweaking! Not a hardship. I luv it. I shoulda been a window display person.
I cut all my fabric for the friendship star and they send out a variant. COOL! But I wouldn't have had enough background to do this very cute and wonky star. I'll only get 15 of the first set. I will be doing another though! Please see the link to Block Party in the helps. (I haven't figured out links in the message yet.)
Cheryl over at Naptime Quilter has finished her nap and is slaving over a hot iron. I shall shake off slumber myself and "get 'er done". I am up for the Quilt Along as planned. I have a plan and I do see a lack in my fabric stash but I think I'll go with what I have. I need to do the squint test and then post the photo for fabric choices.

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Twisted Quilts said...

I like your wonky star. Wonky stars is one of my favorites. Your friendship stars are great. I also like how you used the white. I checked on the ones on Block Party too! Thanks for the tip.