Tuesday, November 3, 2009


With a sprinkling of snow this afternoon the weeds that are still in the gardens are not an issue.
But, boy, do I have lots of weeds in my fabric stash. I have come to terms with the fact that I don't like cabbage roses, cottage floribunda or colourful bouquets! I was feeling so good as I pulled out florals from my fabric stacks. I also pruned out some old ufo's that aren't appealing. I did some needed rearranging of fashion fabric scraps, trims, and sheers. Those are now accessible for mixed media. Then I needed to put the remaining fabrics back in the shelves. Good grief, the stuff expands when it is in contact with air.
I have 2 large garbage bags for folks who make charity quilts. It is good quilting fabric and I'm reconciled to the fact that I have handled it enough to justify the expense. Some people never even lick their stamps! 8^) The half dozen ufo's that remain are do-able. But I just couldn't face the 3 large applique quilts, one of which is extremely floral, that lurk in containers under my bed. I shall live to weed another day.
Last night I did a tutorial on needles and threads for the local quilt group. It was a good refresher for me as well. I have agreed to tackle the alternate night when we do art related quilts. The challenge was trees. I should do some thread painting for mine. The first topic will be The Element of Line. I'm sure no expert so I'll be doing some googling.

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Unknown said...

"Good grief, the stuff expands when it is in contact with air."

LOL doesn't it??