Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Eeeny, meeeny, miney, moe
Round, and round, and round we go!
Category: a collection of things sharing a common attribute
from M.Fr. cat├ęgorie, from L.L. categoria, from Gk. kategorein "to accuse, assert, predicate," from kata "down to," + agoreuein "to declaim (in the assembly)," from agora "public assembly." Original sense of "accuse" weakened to "assert, name" by the time Aristotle applied kategoria to his 10 classes of things that can be named.
Well, Aristotle is doing better than me. Even eliminating florals, I have WAY more than 10 classes of fabrics that can be named.
The idea of folding fat quarters( fq's) into old library index drawers has much merit. You can "let your fingers do the walking" rather than extending elbows to ward off avalanches. I spent the night gnashing my teeth about my lack of library furniture. The dawning of a good idea arrived about the same time as the sun! I have 2 IKEA chests under the cutting table that have drawers about the right depth. If I empty them I have lots of fq space. I can hardly imagine being able to actually see at a glance what my options are. Wooo! Now the category options. Woo hoo? hmm, where is all the stuff in the drawers gonna go? boo hoo!
Perhaps I should go to bed immediately and wait for the solution to that particular dilemma to dawn!

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