Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chickens don't do paths!

A path is a way especially designed for a particular use. I particularly like the meandering path thru the shade garden which is next to my coop. The chickens have a penned area but I do let them out. They dearly luv to scratch away and when all the dust settles, my carefully laid out path is obliterated. I finally penned them back up because the flower bed edges in the front yard were no longer clearly defined. The top dressing for the perennials was now top dressing the grass. I try not to encourage grass! I'm the one who has to cut it.

A path is also a course of conduct. I hope I've set the course that I'd like to travel for this winter. I think I've never felt quite so focused and it seems to be lasting. I'm a great list maker. I just write them, file them and forget them. This feels like good conduct. This feels different.

Now time off for good behavior (conduct). My path this morning leads to my DD and the grandson. I have a Michael's coupon burning a hole in my pocket and I want to show Josh's mum all the neat stuff for kids. I am also delivering the bulk of my florals and I have already dragged 3 pieces out of the bags! I'm as bad as the chooks!

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