Thursday, June 10, 2010


I want it ALL. Now an encouraging sign of my great age is that I have come to realize I can't have it all. Logistics, time crunch, the budget; these are all reality based. So one reason I blog is to have a visual record of where I'm going, how I'm going to get there, and what I need to do to make it happen. Then there is the gratification of posting the final photo.

The bells and whistles of journaling in the blogging format is a good fit for me. I am very visual and I like writing. I am constantly refining my perspective. I am all about home. I have been decorating homes since I got my doll house, organized the playhouse boundaries outside with sticks, and got the go ahead to chose my room's paint colours. Discovering quilting just added so many more options. In fact I switched from the deco magazines to quilt ones. A natural progression is dyeing my own fabrics. Now I want fibre art on my walls and altered books on my book shelves so the quilt books are passe and art books are stacking up beside my bed. How much more can All encompass? Well, the grand dame of the hacienda should look not too shabby, so I want to add garment making. Surely that will be ALL!

With such an eclectic selection of wants I have no desire to have more than one journal/diary/blog. The Coop will just show me multitasking. But it will help me and perhaps visitors to see the process which is something I have Pledged to do.

Jennifer, over at That girl... That quilt... has had some great posts on Quilting Without Obligation. Very thought provoking. The last post, part 6, reminded me of my goal, my focus to have my home reflect my (our) personality, passion, and creativity. It is great to be inspired by all the visual stimulation that blogland offers but "don't be obligated to someone else's ideas."
I'm not sure that there really is anything "new under the sun' and original is a word that covers a lot of definitions but I must confess I borrow an awful lot of ideas. Time for me to grapple with my own ideas and implement them my own way. My home reflects me/us. But it can still be tweaked and that is an ongoing process.


Molly said...

That post got me thinking about myself and trying to decide how much of my quilts are original. I usually get my ideas from quilts I've seen in blogs and on flickr. I haven't made that many quilts and all but three have been from quiltalongs. I try to reflect my own tastes and also think about the person I'm making the quilt for when putting it together. THey are not cookie cutter quilts by any means, but they are also not original designs. That is my next goal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the other post. It was a very interesting read!

Jennifer said...

I've enjoyed reading your post {and your blog}! I love your focus on "home" and making it a reflection of you; that is something I have been working more on lately. I think as long as we are focusing on making a project, a room, a home, etc... shine with our own personality, we are headed in the right direction!

Jennifer :)

Twisted Quilts said...

Very interesting post. I have not been as "into" my home as you are but maybe I need to rethink my attitude. You raise kids and for years you just do what you need to do and then all of a sudden you have time to do more. I am realizing that I have to make choices about what I want to do too.