Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Breathing Deeply

It is very beneficial to spend a few days looking at a pile of possibles.

The conglomeration of decorating items had me diddling with paint chips first thing in the morning. I found the colours I had in mind for the wooden stuff in the kids section of all the various paint sample cards I've collected. Hmm. The veranda is mostly used in the heat of summer. Golden yellows will not make me think of a day at the beach! So, golden yellows will not play a large part in the basic wooden pieces but the 10 coordinating colours on the sample can give oodles of variety thru all the seasons. I'm still thinking but I'm almost sure the door will be eggplant! 8) Poor hubby is rolling his eyes and hoping for another aha moment. lol We'll see!

  • Block of the Month - Last one I'm thinking and it is so cute. My favorite. I did up the intensity/contrast a bit but I was afraid it would be too light for the previous blocks. I was right. I just may have to make more of these for another small quilt as I do have more theme fabric. I could hang this in the veranda as well, I suppose. I will be trying various layouts for the 9 blocks. I started pressing some of the seams open and liked that much better but some of those early blocks are a bit smaller so I'll need sashing. I tried a couple of options. ???

  • Technique of the month was great fun. I bought some Neoart water-soluble wax pastels. You can draw on fabrics, spray with water and then watch the fun. I don't think I can easily find silk so I found some white cotton velvet at a discount store. It looked pretty rough but washed up beautifully. I want to experiment with using it in my fibre art projects. I luv texture. So this has lots of possibilities. I luv the 3-D effect that happened when the water started moving the colour.

After the initial spraying I decided to add some streaks of the lighter green to blur the white.
I'm off to do grandmotherly duties, check out thrift shop accessories and pick up paint for the trim. And to think about a purple door! 8)


Molly said...

Grandmotherly duties?! Those sound like fun!! You've sure been busy so I'm glad you're off for a break with the grandkids.

Vicki W said...

Your blocks look great together! I really like your crayoned fabric. It looks very cool!

Jennifer said...

I love the thought of an eggplant door. I would do it in a heartbeat if hubby would tolerate it. ;)

Your blocks are great and what a cool technique you learned!

Jennifer :)

Createology said...

Hi elle:
I knew you would breathe and keep going.

I have passed along the Kreativ Blogger award to you and hope you are able to share the fun. Please check my blog for details.
Happy creating...

Misty said...

I really like this pink and yellow block and all the blocks you've been working on. I love the yellows and greens. It's fun seeing your decorating process--I feel like I have no decorating skills so it is nice to see how someone else does it. :)