Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One step forward, two back!

I straightened out the top strips. Sewing in opposite directions works but with the strips being various lengths, the Bali's were 54" it unnecessarily complicates things. Next time I'd cut the strips to their finished size. So the two tops are now ready for the circles. My daughter was given the assignment of getting a few coordinating fabrics to match my theme FQ. I didn't dare set foot in the sale as I'd already bought my quota! lol I can't find the new circle cutter in Canada yet so I got a different set up from the scrapbooking section that was on sale. I'll try it. I haven't quite made up my mind on how I'll do the circles.

But more on the top options next week.

This week I need to do the backs. I have a metre of Michael Miller Serengeti. I'm making 2 quilts so that'll work out to about three, 5-6" strips for each back. I have leftover strips and a darker striped fabric plus one long chunk of the dots. I would really like to have less as more on the back. Now to decide. I can do an interspersed effect in the middle of the back. The dotted fabric in two pieces, top and bottom.

I can do full dotted bottom and a planned strip selection on top. The animals are directional. Now I'm thinking the pillows will cover most of the effect so I should perhaps make the strips be at the foot of the bed. Too bad I don't have more chunks for pillow cases. hmm, I guess the quilt can go up over the pillow! I'm sure I'll use these quilts as reversible. But I really should decide on the backs, sew them up and turn my thoughts to circles: raw edge, machine applique, hand applique, ...


KatieQ said...

It sounds like a good thought to have the animal strip near the bottom so the pillows don't cover them. These fabrics will really make it a great reversible quilt.

Twisted Quilts said...

I love the Serengeti fabric.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I like the first option best. As for circle technique, I'm partial to my own... See the link in my tutorials section.