Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding the way

I'm never bored. Stalled sometimes, as I try to figure how to leap the gap, lay a plank, or call in the rooster to fix the track.

Sometimes it does seem, well, maybe actually happen, that I'm just churning away in a circle. When I get dizzy enough I look around to see why, order more track, or get my rooster to slam down the crossing arms!

But a straight line is never going to happen.

What a week! I'm happy there were no derailments and the momentum is beginning to get that rhythmic, clickety clack.

We need to carry the farm/yard/house goals forward. They are the rooster's idea and he wants to work at getting projects done once and for all and done well. Hence Beautification (I like that one), Sustainability (a fancy word for resourceful) and Longevity ( no more temporary fixes)!

The veranda is stretching all these goals so we are having a coffee break while we study the track!

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Createology said...

Your post is so clever and it has me smiling. We are in the depot. Working in the yard with too many ideas and not enough agreements. Mr. C is doing some electronic project he loves but get so frustrated and I just try to steer clear. My studio and sewing rooms are a wreck and totally derailed but that doesn't stop me...I can make a mess around and through another mess. Oh Yeah! Productive week to you dear...