Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We were off to a wedding over the weekend. I'm amazed at all the creative ideas that one can gather on these occasions.

Not only were two people joined as one but many ideas can be wedded to our own use.

My eye was drawn to the centre pieces on the table which were burgundy grapes and large plums on glass tiers with white candles and silver Hershey Kisses sprinkled over pink granules. The tables were white cloth and dishes and sparkling glass. Very classy.

Creative ideas are ours to 'steal' whether it be the font on invitations, pattern on the hotel's rugs, the colours of a painting, the swirl on the desert plate, the diamond drop on a guest's ear or the metal grid on a stairway.

Gathering inspiration is for those with eyes to see it and that can be cultivated. Joining it to our works in progress is part of the creative process. What if...


Createology said...

Lovely post and it is true...inspiration is everywhere. We merely need to open our eyes, ears and minds. Happy creating dear...

IMAQLTR2 said...

So true! I am always inspired by my surroundings as well as so grateful. My DH and I took a day trip to visit my brother and his family at their cottage on Lake of the Woods. The beauty of the scenery, the trees, the water, the clear blue sky were so wonderful to see. I am especially intrigued with the granite rock cuts along the highway, just amazing. I've seen it many times and am never bored. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate our surroundings and the inspiration they provide.

p.s. Love your blog!

Linda C.
Cooks Creek, MB

Gina said...

How true, inspiration is everywhere! And it's fun to compare how we each find something different from the same inspiration source.