Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going with the flow

Which happens to be blue!

One grand kiddie is fighting an awful 10 day virus and I lured the other home with the promise of painting.
So I am happy to report I have one thing crossed off my list. I am not so happy that I still have 2/3 of a gallon of neon lime green! I'm tempted to send it home with him! ;^)

Another nice blue flow is that the drought has ended this morning! This is good if I ignore the fact that the grass is already starting to perk up!


While I'm hitting the post button the 'littlest rooster' is preparing his question, "Can duckie have a swim?". !!! And, says I, "No, he can't walk back."!!!


Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh man, and I just bought a small can of bright green for a dresser! The coop looks awesome!

Twisted Quilts said...

Love that last picture!

Createology said...

I absolutely love your blue and green building. How cute is your little painting and then holding that duckie. Perfect little farmer...
P.S. Hope your other little gets well real soon.