Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Needle and Thread Network TNTN

Neighbouring Canuck, Monika, at My Sweet Prairie is a passionate blogger and needle artist. I luv her work. She has made a new blog available to Canadian Artists Who Sew. I'll get the button up pronto.

I'm a tad intimidated by the capital A artist part but my goal this year is to find my style and then pursue it. So, Works On Wednesday just may be my commitment to make this happen so I can join the link up. WOW

There are tremendous blogs that offer practical advice for aspiring artists.

So far I'm finding that I need to narrow my options and then leap out on my own so I'm not a copy but an original.

WOW will be my journey.


Createology said...

Journey on my dear. You are a WOW... said...

Awe thank for joining up! Should I take out the A word? I edited it and added "creative stitching". One year ago, I was terrified of the A word. You'll get over. ; ) You can claim it.
~Monika in Saskatoon