Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Works On Wednesday

If 'the little black dress' is such a staple for the well dressed gal, then I'm thinking 'the little black line' needs to be a part of my style repertoire.

The black line can be written words on stationary, or the back of an envelope.

The black line can be quick strokes with a fine tipped brush on watercolour paper or the mixed media art journal.

The black line can be thread stitched out on fabric; fabulous, smooth, tactile fabric.

I quite like the zentangle phenomenum but I think I'd rather stitch than sketch.

My first post on finding my artistic voice has caused me to set aside Wednesdays to pursue my style. Check out The Needle & Thread Network for this week.

The 3 Creative Studios Technique of the Month is all about Creating Personal Imagery in black and white.

And to further confirm that I am on the right track, Leslie over at MarveLes Art Studios, has absolutely wetted my appetite for stitching in black and white.

Lots of links, but this is also about inspiration, so be inspired as you work wonders on Wednesday!


Createology said...

Fabulous idea Miss Elle. It is always said that in decorating a room must have a little black to keep it grounded. Your black ideas are inspiring...

Vicki W said...

Awesome stuff you have going on there!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

These are quite wonderful, Elle! Keep it up! I want to see... more!