Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday sight line

Maybe 30 years ago we added a rough lumber fence to separate the house and farm yards. It made a huge impact on the property. Kinda settled us into the land somehow.

But it is needing some serious help as wind and weather has combined with time to challenge its right to exist.

One thing missing in the design was the focal point. People wondered where the opening was so I decided to incorporate one of those cute insets with an overhead arch.

Well I don't know about the arch but we did make plans for the inset.

But the proportions are just wrong. So my rooster has given me a temporary visual to study while he makes arrangements to bring back the post pounder. Bless him! But that makes 2 projects started and stalled. Acckkk!

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Createology said...

Even the best laid plans...
All will work out eventually.
Happy week to you...