Monday, August 1, 2011

The summer slide

August already! Time is surely sliding by.

I'm not sure that we can hold things back.

The camel area was a hit at the zoo. There is a play area and they brought out a camel for a very informative talk.

Speaking of deserts...

It's a long weekend here in my province. I had been doing the walk about Sunday evening and the lawn is brown. I don't mind a break from cutting grass.

But the ground has huge cracks. Everything is suffering from the drought. Now we hesitate to ask for rain here as when it starts it seems to not want to quit. But...

So I had watering on my mind for first thing this morning. I awoke to the low growl of thunder and the sound of rain. But I don't think it will hinder my watering plans!

There will be a break between slides at the zoo and water slides at the wedding so I'm hoping for a few productive weeks. Veranda is still at the top of the list. I want to move the summer decorating plan to the done list also. Working on the journal pages first thing in the morning seems feasible but I need to watch the playroom doesn't descend to a major work party as I fling things all about.

So since summer is on the downhill slide I best get sliding myself. Happy summering!

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Createology said...

Adorable littles you have my dear. Great way to spend a day making memories together. I wish you our weather we have had through July...perfect. August will be a busy month for certain. Take time to breathe and smile...